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Chairman steps down

  • Society chairman, Roger Hinton

Roger Hinton has been chairman of the Regency Square Area Society since 2000 and a committee member for many years before that.  He recently announced that this would be his last year as a committee member.

In a letter to members he said "It has been a wonderful experience.   I have met many interesting people, and made some good friends.   I hope that the Society has benefitted our neighbourhood during that time."

Several other committee members are also stepping down so the Society is looking for new volunteers to carry its work forward in the future.   If you are interested in getting involved, or know someone else who might be, please get in touch.

Car park makeover planned

Regency Square car park is a mess.   It is also largely empty most of the time.   On the few days when it does fill up, tailbacks from the entrance block the west side of Regency Square causing problems for residents.

The Council is now planning to spend £2.4 million on improvements.

Access will be made easier from the A259 (Kings Road) with vehicles entering from the east and leaving from the west.   A new pedestrian crossing will also be provided to make it safer to get to the seafront and the potential i360 development.

Detailed plans are not yet available but the changes are expected to reduce traffic entering Preston Street, allowing for future possible improvements.   Traffic flows on the west side of Regency Square may increase.

New security arranegemnts will mean that only customers will be able to enter the car park itself.  Once inside, they will find new lighting, pedestrian walkways and designated disabled parking bays.   Dead spaces will be closed off to discourage anti-social behavious.

Regency Square Area Society chairman, Roger Hinton commented "We welcome this investment, but we are keen to see the details of how traffic in the area will be affected, particularly if the improvements are going to increase usage of the car park.   We hope the Council will carry out a full consultation before the plans are finalised."

Graffiti Invasion

There has been a recent spate of graffiti in our area.   Much of it uses the same tag, suggesting someone local may be responsible.

Council workers have painted out some of it, but, as our photo shows, they don't always come equipped with the right colour paint, and new graffiti is often added as soon as the old has been removed.

Members of the Regency Square Area Society have also painted out some, including the wall in the photo, which is currently graffiti free and the correct colour.

Buildings in Regency Square need to be painted in a specific colour, BS 10-C-31, in order to comply with the Council's uniform painting scheme.

Seventy Replies to Questionnaire

Many thanks to everyone who replied to our questionnaire about proposed improvements to the gardens in Regency Square.  

We had seventy responses and large majorities in favour of most of the proposals.   This indicates good support for our plans.  The next step is to start working with the Council to implement them.

You can read more about the questionnaire results in our July newsletter which will be available here shortly. 

Improving the Look of Regency Square

The gardens in Regency Square are in need of improvements.   The Society hopes to make some changes and is asking local people for their views - both members and other residents.   You can read details about the propoosed changes here.  

There is also a questionnaire for you you to fill in if you live or work in the area arounf the square.   We are keen to know your views on what is being proposed.   We need responses by 20th June please.

What a pity that Regency Square was littered with un-collected recycling on the day of the Royal Wedding.

The reason was that the previous Monday was a public holiday, so there was no collection on the following Thursday.   It's obvious if you think about it.   The problem is that most people had more important things to think about, such as the Royal Weddning, or avoiding the Royal Wedding, according to taste.

When will Council officers, who live and breathe refuse collection and recycling, realise that the rest of us don't?   We've learnt to put out our glass, paper etc. on a Thursday, but we just can't get it into our heads that the collection day changes after a holiday.   The information is all on the Council web site, but we just don't look.

Surely it's time for the Council to realise that we just don't get it. They need to find some way of avoiding changes to collections after every public holiday.

BT Pulls the Plug

BT have now made the decision.  The two phone boxes at the south west corner of Regency Square are to be removed.  The reason is thiat they have been very little used in the recent past - hardly surprising perhaps, given that they have been in an awful condition and have rarely worked.

So take a last, fond look at them some time in the next four to six months - yes that's how long it will take for the work to be done.

We are asking BT to make sure that the area is left clean and tidy. 

Murder in Russell Square

  • Police investigate a murder in Russell Square, Brighton © Regency Square Area Society
  • Police investigate a murder in Russell Square, Brighton © Regency Square Area Society
  • Police investigate a murder in Russell Square, Brighton © Regency Square Area Society

Russell Square has been a hive of police activity since Saturday 15th January when the body of Craig Palmer was discovered at number 43.   Several people who had been occupying the house have been arrested on suspicion of his murder.

The house had been boarded up since September last year.   Previously it belonged to "Ken" Kennar, a founder member of our Society, who died last August and had lived there since 1938.

Society chairman, Roger Hinton commented "Local people have been wondering how long it would be before squatters moved in, but I don't think anyone expected a murder." 

Sad News for M and M Tours

Michael Robbins, one of the two M's in M and M Historic Tours, died at the Martlets on January 10th.  

Martin Foster (the other M) will continue organising coach outings as usual. He has just announced the prgramme for 2011.  You can find full details in our Diary section.  Michael's place as tour guide will be taken by local historian, Geoff Mead.

Air Ambulance

An air ambulance landed on the grass in Regency Square on 9 September, to pick up a man injured in Montpelier Street, though later reports suggested he was eventually taken to hospital by road. You can see a video of the helicopter taking off at

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