In 2016/17 RSC (then called RSAS) carried out an extensive consultation of  over 1100 businesses and households in the local area in order to understand how they would like Regency Square to be developed, using the money from the BA i360 revenues which is ring-fenced for use in our local area.

The results from that survey were clear: residents want the gardens to be retained as gardens for people to use much as today, but tidied up, repaired and properly maintained. Local residents and businesses overwhelmingly rejected any suggestion that the gardens should be used for commercial purposes such as coffee concessions, entertainment space or tennis courts as has been suggested in some quarters.  Residents want to be able to relax, have a picnic, sunbathe, walk their dogs and play with their grandchildren in a relaxed green space, the same as they have done for decades. But they want paths and pavings repaired, a budget for maintaining the shrubs, and the gardens generally to be kept in good order.

The results from that survey were turned into an action plan, in consultation with Brighton and Hove Council. That Regeneration Action Plan for Regency Square is downloadable below.

We just await the funds to action it!

Regeneration Action Plan for Regency Square


Regency Square Garden Regeneration Survey results