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RSAS COVID-19 Community Initiative

On Sunday 22nd March the Society launched its community assistance for social distancing initiative. All members have been contacted by Committee Members Mike Davies and Julie Wright, who are leading this initiative: putting those members who might need help in touch with those members who can help. 

We recognise that this may be a challenging winter for many of our members, so the RSAS Committee will continue to run this initiative througout the winter.

Can RSAS Help During Social Distancing?

Many of our members may be “at increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus” – aged 70 or over, under 70 but with underlying health conditions, or pregnant: Do you need help? With basic shopping, pharmacy collection, dog-walking etc.

Many of our younger or less health-compromised members will thankfully not be in the government’s advised “at increased risk” category: Can you provide help? Some members are already asking if they can be of service. We would urge you to be especially careful and follow the government guidelines (link below) whilst providing help.

If you would like to participate either as someone who needs help or someone who can provide help for free, please simply contact Mike or Julie via email ( or by phone (01273 028787) or contact any other member of the RSAS Committee, stating:

  • Whether you need help? 
  • Whether you can you provide help?
  • Your name*
  • Your email address* and/or telephone number*
  • * That we have your consent to share this contact information.

With your consent, we will then pass the names and email/telephone numbers of all RSAS members who have volunteered to help along to those RSAS members who need help. Those who need help can then contact helpers directly if and when they need them. We’ll also pass the details of those who need help on to their nearest volunteer.

Some members have also asked us how they can help the most vulnerable families in Brighton. Brighton and Hove Food Partnership is coordinating a response to ensure food gets to food banks. If you would like to donate the link is here:

We wish everyone the best during these challenging times,

The Committee, Regency Square Area Society (RSAS)


Social distancing advice: