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The Committee

The RSAS Committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee formally meets once a month to discuss all the issues in the area, and what to do about them.

We always have too much to do, so we are always looking for new committee members to join us. You don't have to have worked on a commmittee before. All you need is an enthusiasm for making our area better! If you would like to come along to a committee meeting to see if it is for you please  contact any of the current committee or get in touch at

The current committee members are:

  • Chair: Diana Dunn (Clarence Gardens)
  • Secretary: Julie Wright (Stone Street)
  • Treasurer: Nicola Floyd (Queensbury Mews)
  • Mike Davies (Stone Street)
  • Mary Hunter (Regency Square)
  • Nigel Massey (Clarence Square)
  • Annabel Watson (Clarence Square)