What a pity that Regency Square was littered with un-collected recycling on the day of the Royal Wedding.

The reason was that the previous Monday was a public holiday, so there was no collection on the following Thursday.   It's obvious if you think about it.   The problem is that most people had more important things to think about, such as the Royal Weddning, or avoiding the Royal Wedding, according to taste.

When will Council officers, who live and breathe refuse collection and recycling, realise that the rest of us don't?   We've learnt to put out our glass, paper etc. on a Thursday, but we just can't get it into our heads that the collection day changes after a holiday.   The information is all on the Council web site, but we just don't look.

Surely it's time for the Council to realise that we just don't get it. They need to find some way of avoiding changes to collections after every public holiday.