The work on the refurbishment of the Regency Square car park is now complete. Several members of the Society have complimented the contractors on their hard work and, above all, their quietness and friendliness as they went about their jobs. Soon the lower green will be returned to its former grassy state. Unfortunately, there is one problem outstanding which has nothing to do with the excellent contractors.
Orignally Brighton and Hove City Council had planned a very large glass entrance on the north side of the square. The Society objected that this would interrupt views of the Regency buildings around the square. The Committee was delighted when the Council then revised the scheme, replacing the high box with a much lower, unobtrusive one. This is now in place and is, indeed, unobtrusive. It serves it purpose well and the car park is now secure.
Alas, the Council had overlooked the fact that the low roof of the glass entrance is a possible death-trap to anyone who might choose to climb on it it. There is a 30 foot drop into the car park on one side and an 8 foot drop onto the entrance stairwell on another. The Council’s solution has been to erect a “Car Park” sign onto the western edge of the glass entrance. The Committee of the Society feels that this sign is quite out of keeping with a conservation area which has already been blighted by the very presence of the car park. This new sign is not large enough to require planning permission.
This has lead to the Society’s main concern: anyone climbing on the glass room could easily climb over the top of the sign (many young men have very long legs), slip between the black bars (even very small boys can be dare-devils) and simply fall into the stairwell on the north side of the roof as there is no protection there are all.
The Society is therefore requesting the removal of the rectangular white sign and asking for a more effective and less obtrusive solution to be found.