Brighton and Hove City Council want to take away our black box recycling weekly collection and replace with on-street recycling bins. They have sent a consultation document to properties in our area enclosing a questionnaire for return by May 6.
We are in a Conservation Area. We already have the very unsightly black refuse bins. The Council now want to place black recycling bins in our squares and streets. The Council will not place the recycling bins in Brunswick Square and Adelaide Crescent because they are deemed to be Regency squares in a Conservation area. The Council have set a precedent, but are treating us differently.
We are proposing that recycling bins are located only in Preston Street (see map above or at ), on Western Road opposite Cafe Nero (see map) and that the recycling bins are moved from Russell Square (see map) to the top of Cannon Place where there are already bins located. Residents in the area of Castle and Stone Street can use Western Road, Regency Square use Preston Street, Clarence and Russell Squares use Cannon Place.
Apart from the recycling areas listed above we do not want any more bins in our area.
We are a Conservation area with beautiful Regency squares. The proposed i360 will bring large numbers of visitors to our area. They and we do not want to have to look at black recycling bins littering our squares and streets.
Please make your views known to the Council.
If you do not have a questionnaire or wish to resend a questionnaire to the Council please ask Nigel Rose on [email protected] for another copy.